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Easy production of print media with Master PIM and EasyCatalog

65bit Software Limited is specialized in the development of high-quality plug-ins for Adobe InDesign and InCopy.
We believe that the growing computing power of today's desktop computers is enabling the development of a new type of publishing tool that offers a level of integration, performance and ease of use previously found only in high-end publishing systems.

EasyCatalog for Adobe® InDesign®

Ever wished you could take data directly from a file or database straight into Adobe® InDesign®?

Ideal for time-critical publications, EasyCatalog can dramatically speed up page make-up time and ensure your documents remain error free. Trusted by thousands of users in over thirty countries across six continents, EasyCatalog has quickly established itself as one of the most powerful and flexible database publishing solutions for Adobe® InDesign®.

Easy Import

As EasyCatalog imports directly from a database or file, data no longer has to be cut-and-pasted to the InDesign document. Not only does this vastly increase productivity due to the time saved, but also removes the risk of data being copied and formatted incorrectly.

Format, Sort, Group and Query

Your Master PIM data is displayed in a spreadsheet-style panel within InDesign – format, sort, group and query your data right from within InDesign.

Link to your document

Link your data to InDesign document content – both text and pictures can be imported at the click of a button.

By creating a link from your database to your document you can ensure that your document always contains the latest information from your data.

The link is bi-directional, so you can modify the data in the document. For instance, if you find your source data to be in error, you can modify it in the document and update the source data to ensure the error never reoccurs, for example via the Excel Reimport in Master PIM.

Dynamic Libraries and Document Templates

See InDesign libraries come alive with EasyCatalog! By including Field Specifiers — placeholders that show EasyCatalog where and how to insert field content — in your library designs they will be automatically populated with live data when dragged to the page.

Construct complex, design-oriented, pages in seconds containing data from your data source. It’s as simple as selecting data in your EasyCatalog panel and dragging the library item to the page.

Insert Tabular Data

Creating InDesign tables has never been so easy. Use your EasyCatalog data panel to define the running order of records and fields, and hit the insert button. A new InDesign table will be inserted in the document, containing your live, linked, data.

Tables stored in EasyCatalog libraries will also be populated with linked data with the number of rows in the table prototype being adjusted to accommodate the amount of data you’ve selected in the panel.

Complex tables created from an XML structure can also be created using the optional XML Data Provider module.

Check for Errors

EasyCatalog can check the integrity of your documents to ensure the document content matches the source data from Master PIM

Eliminate costly mistakes by checking the document for errors – EasyCatalog will highlight fields in the document and in the panel whose content does not match the PIM data

Update the Document

If your Master PIM data has changed at the last-minute, EasyCatalog can automatically update your document – or all of the documents contained within an InDesign book. Any formatting you have applied will be preserved where possible.

Save 20% with Master PIM

Master PIM customers are granted a discount of 20% on the EasyCatalog license. Want to know more?

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