With the masterPIM Media Center you provide your trade partners quickly and easily with up-to-date product information.

Increase market penetration
Optimize dealer support

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Your product data.
At all dealers.
Always up to date.

With just on click.

Self-Service for Your Dealers

  • Your dealers download your data in the format they need
  • Your product data is compatible with all dealer systems (masterPIM applies the "BMEcat" industry standard)
  • Minimal effort for you and your dealers
  • Fast connection of new dealers
  • Provide all dealers with up-to-date product data at the same time

We will be happy to show you how it works.

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Industry Standard

Increased Market Penetration

through standardized processes:

  • maximum scalability
  • minimal integration costs
  • optimal use of the available data

We have developed the Media Center based on 10 years of experience in production connection trading to make it as easy as possible for manufacturers to connect new partners. The Media Center powered by masterPIM makes it easy to add new partners to your dealer network and keep your product data up to date with all dealers.

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