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LINDIG: A family business in the fourth generation, at home in the middle of Germany. With 350 employees and 6 locations, LINDIG is a long-standing authorised dealer of Linde Material Handling and contractual partner in the SystemLift network. In addition to a large rental fleet in the field of forklifts, warehouse technology and working platforms, LINDIG also offers new and used equipment, battery and tyre service as well as warehouse optimisation and shelf tests.

Benefits at a glance

Business area expansion without additional capacities
Central regulation of order processing via a trade association (single vendor model)
Downstream consumption of consumables is covered by direct procurement

From forklift professional to complete supplier – expansion of business without additional effort

How LINDIG Fördertechnik GmbH extends its services with Master PIM with an online shop offering a full range of products.

The Challenge:

In the course of an expansion of the business segments, the services offered so far were to be expanded by a new product range in the areas of industrial supplies, industrial safety & workwear, construction equipment, hardware systems & safety technology, office supplies and tools. The new offer was to be made available to customers in their own LINDIG online shop. At the same time the expansion of the business area was to be carried out with the existing resources and without any increase in personnel capacities.

The Solution:

In order to open up the new business area of a full-range offer, we carried out a Master PIM integration for LINDIG Fördertechnik GmbH as well as setting up a new online shop and rounded off order processing with automated e-procurement. At the start of productive operation in March, after 4 months of project time, more than 65,000 products could be purchased via - without increasing the use of resources and personnel capacities.

Step 1: Master PIM Integration

With Master PIM we have introduced a central product information management at LINDIG Fördertechnik GmbH. The product information of the different suppliers is collected at one location, refined and played out as a complete assortment for all desired channels. The provision of the product range in the industry standard BMEcat plays a central role here. "Central data management in a standardised system enables us to provide our partners with customer-specific product ranges at the click of a mouse - exactly as our partners need them," says Sven Lindig, Managing Director of the family business founded in 1899.

Image: All data is collected, refined and distributed centrally in Master PIM.

Thanks to the low setup effort of our web-based PIM solution, LINDIG Fördertechnik GmbH was able to start data maintenance within one day. Master PIM runs completely in the cloud and is accessed via the Internet browser. This saves LINDIG Fördertechnik GmbH all further costs for its own server infrastructure, maintenance and additional software.

Step 2: Connection of the new online shop

The refined product information is transferred to the new Gambio Online Shop ( via a direct interface with a click from Master PIM. This means that data maintenance continues to take place at a single central location. Thanks to our shop optimisation, the online shop achieves an average page loading time of 300-450 milliseconds, even with extensive product information.

Video: Der LINDIG Online-Shop wird direkt aus Master PIM mit aktuellen Sortimentsinformationen versorgt.

Step 3: Automated order processing

We have also linked the online shop to an e-procurement tool for automatic order processing. All documents relating to the purchase, such as order confirmations and invoices, are provided directly as PDF files and in XML EDI format.
With this solution, we have reduced purchasing to a single vendor model. All suppliers are processed and billed via a purchasing association as vendor. This setup optimizes internal accounting and at the same time increases the attractiveness for suppliers, as the purchasing association guarantees payment security. "Compressing the ordering process only has advantages for us," explains Sven Lindig. "Thanks to the single vendor model, we are now also regulating the direct procurement of all our own tools and other working materials via the new shop.

Extra: Print Rejection

In order to optimize the production of print materials such as catalogues, flyers and data sheets, the corresponding product information is transferred from Master PIM to the design software via an interface. Through the use of page templates, entire catalogs can be automatically created for customers or dealers.

Project Expenditure:

After 94 days of project duration, more than 65,000 products could be purchased via the new LINDIG Online Shop. The product data for the shop are loaded via an interface directly from Master PIM and the orders are processed automatically via the e-procurement tool. LINDIG Fördertechnik GmbH spent five employee days on the final commissioning.

Project period: 4 months (including concept adaptation for LINDIG Fördertechnik GmbH)
Project management: 10 days
Development: 84 days
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