Karl-Peter Seul

Karl-Peter Seul
Head of Produkt Information Management, Alfred HORN GmbH & Co. KG

Alfred HORN GmbH & Co. KG

Alfred HORN GmbH & Co. KG is an innovative family business from Neuwied and counts as one of the leading wholesalers in Rhineland-Palatinate.

With more than 90 employees, we take care of our customers' concerns on a daily basis and offer a product range that includes more than 290,000 articles from the following sectors

  • SmartHome
  • locking systems & access control
  • vehicle equipment
  • fastening technology/DIN & standard parts
  • chemical-technical products
  • tools & machines
  • window technology, door & gate technology
  • whading & roller shutter technology
  • furniture technology
  • building services
  • operating equipment and
  • single letterboxes and letterbox/parcel box systems
for a comprehensive product assortment.

Together Successful

MasterPIM and HORN – Simply Good Product Data

In order to keep up with the development in the market, our goal is to optimize data collection and to provide a high degree of digital progress to our customers. This includes a high finability of more and more items of our product range at [www.shop.alfred-horn.de](www.shop.alfred-horn.de). Since February 2019, we have been using the cloud-based solution of a product information management system.

The Beginnings:

Digitalization is also becoming more and more popular in the trade business and so it was clear to us that we also wanted to do justice to it. So we decided to use a product information management system for data preparation.

And now? Just give our data for cloud-based data preparation? No hardware on which we can securely store them in-house? The uncertainties were great and they first had to be clarified in order to start together into a trustful future.

MasterPIM and the entire team "picked us up" right these questions and the decision for MasterPIM as a strong partner on our digital side was made quickly. After almost 5 months of experience with MasterPIM, we can only smile about our initial "uncertainties".

The data backup and findability are completely problem-free. Intermediate steps and final BMEcat output files are stored as data backup on our own computers in addition to MasterPIM's backup. Data sovereignty remains with us.


After the usual familiarization phase, which went quite quickly thanks to the Excel connection, it was possible to work quickly with MasterPIM in a very short time. The knowledge from Excel can be adapted to MasterPIM and thus any Excel-savvy employee can achieve results in MasterPIM relatively quickly. You don't need IT specialists to use the program. Within a very short time we were able to benefit from the web-based PIM solution.

Our advantages with MasterPIM:

MasterPIM offers us, thanks to the good accessibility of the contact person assigned to us, a fast processing of questions or problems.

Our requirements, which were not included in the standard functional scope, were implemented at short notice. Even initial bugs were quickly fixed in a direct exchange. MasterPIM proved to be a good choice in these moments as well!

Due to this close cooperation, both we as a company and MasterPIM can report a positive development. Common ways of data improvement are constantly being developed and quickly implemented. A big advantage of a not so big provider!

Our Goal:

Changes in the MasterPIM should be immediately visible in our online shop (www.shop.alfred-horn.de )with the least possible delay and therefore available for our customers.

The price is hot!

As a medium-sized company, we were especially interested in the costs for a PIM system. MasterPIM convinced us here as well. The cost-benefit comparison convinced us after a detailed presentation and a short test phase.


Of course, you should be aware that you don't get a system that is individually programmed. A system that functions almost fully automatically after a long and costly phase of project planning and adaptation to the company's own processes. But also a system that can usually only be operated in depth by a "specialist" after a long period of training.

MasterPIM is clearly designed to be operated by "normal users" and at the same time to deliver fast results. With other PIM systems, the adaptation phase to company processes "devours" a lot of financial and personnel resources. This is not the case with MasterPIM.

Our Conclusion:

MasterPIM is a strong partner at our side and we are looking forward to the implementation and use of the interface between OSG-Shop and MasterPIM!

Karl-Peter Seul
Head of Produkt Information Management, Alfred HORN GmbH & Co. KG

Start now with Master PIM.

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